About Us & Ingredients

Taj Ma-Hound was founded in 2004 when there weren't many choices for healthy snacks for dogs.  I remember thinking that I wouldn't eat anything with the ingredients found in grocery store treats so why would I ever feed them to my pup Lucky?  

With a mountain of research, lots of fresh healthy ingredients, and a very wise and hungry Chief Tasting Officer the award winning Pea-Mutt Butter treat was created. Today Taj Ma-Hound offers hundreds of treats in all shapes, sizes and flavors all made from all natural restaurant quality ingredients. We were one of the first dog bakeries in the country to make birthday cakes for dogs which are now our most popular offering.



Decorated Treats:  peanut butter and stone ground wheat flour with carob and/or yogurt frosting. Wheat free is available upon request for a small flat fee of 25 cents/piece and $1.50/cake.  Treats are sold in bulk but we can package them in heat sealed cell bags for 25 cents per bag.

Carob Brownie Birthday Cake: stone ground whole wheat flour, eggs, molasses, applesauce, canola oil, carob powder, vitamin C, baking soda. 

Peamutt Butter Carob Chip: peanut butter, carob chips, stone ground whole wheat flour.

Cheddar Bacon:  cheddar cheese, bacon, stone ground whole wheat flour.

Bark B Que: beef stock, stone ground whole wheat flour, parsley.

Parsley Mint: parsley, mint, stone ground whole wheat flour.

Chicken Soup: chicken stock, stone ground whole wheat flour.

Pumpkin Grrranola: pumpkin, quick oats.

Banana Grrranola: banana, quick oats.

Apple Cinnamon Grrranola:  applesauce, cinnamon, quick oats.


Awards & Accolades

  • Taj Ma-Hound has received numerous awards, including “Best Treats” in the Southeast from Atlanta Magazine. The panel of dogs unanimously distinguished us with their highest honor – 4 out of 4 paws!
  • We've created custom treats for music videos, movies, corporate promotions, weddings and charities. You can see our hypnotic treat in the 2 Chainz video "Not Invited". Our sweet potato muffins are featured in T-Pain's "It's My Dog Birthday". We've created custom treats for The Secret Life of Pets 2, American Ninja Warrior, Lexus, the movie Irresistible and much more! 



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Atlanta Magazine - BEST TREATS AWARD!